Wednesday, April 23, 2003


While one poor little rich girl flees from her past, another one has a little more difficulty in doing so.

Nevenka Tudjman, Zagreb entrepreneur best known for being daughter of late President Tudjman, has been indicted for various white-collar felonies allegedly committed during her father's reign. The trial was supposed to start last week, but Ms. Tudjman lawyers managed to postpone it by filing request that few justices of Zagreb County Court be removed from any proceedings.

The most interesting thing about that request was the claim that few of those justices used to be members of Communist Party and, as such "they can't be objective enough in any proceedings against the daughter of President Tudjman".

Little Princess forgot that even her father used not only to belong to Communist Party, but also to hold not so minor important positions within Tito's Nomenklatura.

In any case, the request was denied by Supreme Court and the proceedings might continue.


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