Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Straight From Hollywood?

It looks like Isabella, the latest star of world blogdom, has been in public spotlight already. According to Agonist, "Flight Risk" is in most likelihood Liesel Pritzker a.k.a. Liesel Matthews, aspiring actress who just happens to be member of Pritzkers, one of the world's wealthiest, most powerful and secretive families – people best known for owning Hyatt hotel chains. Ms. Pritzker has recently been subject of an article in Forbes that had described her quarrel with family over plans to break-up the family business empire into smaller units.

This story, if true, fits perfectly with some of the descriptions in "Flight Risk" blog. And this might explain why the world's most sought female fugitive decided to take such risk of sharing her adventures with the rest of the world. Liesel Pritzker was the star of 1995 remake of an Old Hollywood classic A Little Princess and seven years later appeared in little known 2000 indie film Blast. Last year she appeared on London stage in Neil La Bute's play The Distance From Here.

Now imagine being accustomed to media spotlight and then having to hide your face from the rest of the world. You would be under great internal pressure to do something in order to let the world know that you exist.

Whatever Isabella/Liesel motives for doing it, the result of her actions are more than commendable.


Unfortunately, I'm not in position to judge Liesel Pritzker's acting abilities, since I haven't been able to watch any of her films yet (with exception of brief and not exactly memorable appearance in Wolfgang Petersen's Air Force One).

In A Little Princess she was directed by Mexican director Alfonso Cuáron, best known for last year's "Oscar" nominee Y Tu Mama Tambien, one of the most popular road movies in recent memory. If Ms. Pritzker returns to acting, I hope that two of them would co-operate one day.


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