Thursday, May 15, 2003

Another Collapse

City of Split has lost power around half an hour ago. This isn't that unusual, although it usually lasts for few minutes and the power outage is limited to few city blocks at the time.

But this time it seems that the problem is much more serious. I've just had phone conversation with someone in Šibenik (Sibenik) area, and they tell me that they had lost power too.

So, large sections of Dalmatia have lost power. Last time this happened in the beginning of the year, thanks to unusually low temperatures and subsequent collapse of Bosnia's power grid (which is connected to Dalmatia). This time I could only speculate about the reason for collapse, ranging from high winds (wind wasn't that strong here in Split), over-use of air conditioning (the temperature wasn't that high) or the usual SNAFU that just happens immediately before or in the middle of tourist season.


Just when I was about to post this latest comment, power returned.


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