Saturday, May 10, 2003

Most Wanted

So, now it is official. Croatian Ministry of Interiors offers 350,000 kunas (46,500 euros) for any information leading to the arrest of General Ante Gotovina.

So far, the only reaction comes from HB (Hrvatski Blok). Their press release attacks the decision as "insulting towards Patriotic War hero".

News about the bounty have almost coincided with the incident indirectly caused by fleeing general. President Mesić (Mesic) yesterday refused to meet with Mayor Božidar Kalmeta (Bozidar Kalmeta) during his visit to Zadar. The reason for this snub was the picture of Gotovina, prominently displayed in Zadar's City Hall. Office of President wanted the picture removed, but Kalmeta declined, noting that the fleeing general enjoys the status of Zadar's honorary citizen and, as such, deserves to have his picture in City Hall regardless of Hague indictment.


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