Sunday, May 04, 2003

Flight Risk – Is This Getting Serious?

Sean Paul Kelly, writer of the blog that broke the Isabella/Flight risk story, claims that he had received cease and desist letter from the firm representing "Isabella's" parents. It happens amid speculations that the whole story is nothing more than someone's publicity prank.

In the meantime, Isabella has continued to post his writings. So far, I haven't been able to find many contradictions nor anything that would indicate that she is not young woman in her mid-to-late 20ies.

However, in her last post she tells of times when she, as a young college student, watched The Firm, 1993 film directed by Sydney Pollack, and describes one of the scenes in the film. Isabella doesn't seem to be sure who played the lead female character in the film – Ashley Judd or Jeanne Tripplehorn.

One thing is sure – "Isabella" doesn't use Internet Movie Database as a reference material for her writing.

What is less certain is the reason for this mistake. Jeanne Tripplehorne has indeed played the role, but Ashley Judd in 1993 was never near the fame and recognition she had now. Furthermore, Judd in early 1990s was blonde and it was impossible to mistake her for brunette Tripplehorne.

The best known role of Jeanne Tripplehorn was Basic Instinct. Whoever watched that film won't forget the scene featuring her and Michael Douglas. Unless someone never watched Basic Instinct. Or was, perhaps, too young to remember 1992 movie season or too young to be admitted to projections of R-rated films.

Those who would mistake Tripplehorne for Judd are most probably those who watched Judd in more recent films, in which she was brunette.

So, we might speculate that "Isabella" is somewhat younger than she claims to be. Those who still like to believe that she has something to do with Liesel Pritzker have just gained a little more basis for their speculations.


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