Friday, May 02, 2003

Norac Not on Funeral

Ika Šarić (Ika Saric), presiding judge of Rijeka County Court, declined Mirko Norac's request to be allowed to attend funeral of General Janko Bobetko. Request is part of Janko Bobetko's last will and was forwarded by Bobetko's widow to Mirko Norac's lawyers.

If Norac, first Croatian general ever to be convicted at domestic courts for war crimes, had been released, that would be great moral victory for Croatian right-wing. Only a year ago, such privilege would probably be granted.

Hagiographic treatment of late General Bobetko in state media and statements of government politicians (none of whom mentioned Bobetko's war crimes indictment) probably led some to believe that Račan (Racan) might decrease the pressure on Croatian wartime leaders.

Apparently, it wasn't the case. With Norac sentenced to 12 years, Croatian judiciary has crossed the point of no return. It would take something more spectacular than Bobetko's death for the balance to shift in favour of troubled Tudjman's generals.


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