Sunday, May 04, 2003

Like Anyone Cares…

Mladen Schwartz, leader of Nova Hrvatska Desnica (New Croatian Right) has just announced that his political party is disbanded. He blamed "brainwashed Croatian people" for this decision, claiming that they failed to see "necessity radical, extreme nationalist, patriotic and the only nation-saving formula".

The end of NHD would hardly cause tremors on Croatian political since, since NHD was never formally registered and never managed to gain a single seat in any election – even on community level. This was hardly surprising, because NHD was never believed to have more than half a dozen of members.

But it would be sorely missed by Croatian media, because those few NHD members used to be among the more colourful characters of Croatian public life. Hardly anyone took them seriously, and the only media exposure they received in Tudjman's era was thanks to the fact that Schwartz made even the looniest among Croatian far right look moderate in comparison.


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