Thursday, June 26, 2003

No Ethnic Cleansing In Operation "Storm"

At least this is the title that Croatian media give to articles describing Peter Galbraith's testimony at Slobodan Milošević's (Slobodan Milosevic's) trial at Hague. Former US ambassador to Croatia claims that Croatian army and police wasn't able to commit any kind of ethnic cleansing operation, because ethnic Serbs have fled before advancing troops.

What Galbraith says is at least partially true. But, then again, there is that infamous "evacuation order" allegedly being dropped from Croatian planes, and, furthermore, there are numerous Tudjman's statements about "Serb problem being solved" and fate of those few elderly ethnic Serbs that remained clearly shows what would have happened to most of Serbs if they had stayed.

Of course, Galbraith in 1995 knew what really went on during Operation "Storm", otherwise he wouldn't have made his propaganda stunt by trying to protect Serb refugee columns from Croatian mobs.


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