Wednesday, June 18, 2003

When Most Unwanted Become Convenient

Ljubo Ćesić-Rojs (Ljubo Cesic-Rojs), flamboyant and controversial former general and building entrepreneur, has just had his membership in HDZ suspended. Central Committee of that party made that decision soon after Ćesić-Rojs had his name on the list of persons barred from entry to USA. Interestingly enough, some of government's representatives protested that American government's move, but that course was not followed by Ćesić-Rojs' party comrades. Ivo Sanader in the election year, just like the rest of Croatian right-wing, desperately tries to present himself as pro-American as possible.

This move was expected a long time ago. Just like he is trying to sell himself as pro-American now, Sanader before Iraq crisis tried to sell his party as "moderate", "reformed" and "pro-European" HDZ in which there isn't room for extremists like Ćesić-Rojs.


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