Saturday, July 12, 2003

In Memoriam Dr. Ivo Petrinović (Ivo Petrinovic)

This morning I picked up the latest edition of Slobodna Dalmacija and was deeply saddened to find news about the death of Dr. Ivo Petrinović (Ivo Petrinovic). That old gentleman used to teach History of Political Theories course on Split Faculty of Law. To say that I knew him well would be a lie. But he happened to live in my neighbourhood so every now and then we would bump into each other on the street and exchange greetings.

Other people, more qualified than myself, should take the task of writing a proper obituary and mentioning his numerous books and City of Split Lifetime Achievement Award. What struck me about Dr. Petrinović was his utter professionalism; I never saw him smile and he, unlike other professors, never tried to compensate the dullness of his course with amusing anecdotes. But he did his job very well; although I had already known much about various political theories before attending his class, his course was one of the more interesting during my times at Split Faculty of Law.


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