Thursday, July 10, 2003

Why Do They Hate Her?

Aleksandra “Aleks” Kolarić (Aleksandra “Aleks” Kolaric), former Račan’s spokeswoman and Globus columnist (who used to be active participant of Croatian political Usenet newsgroups before being hired by Račan) has recently been invited to appear in Latinica, popular (and often controversial) talk-show which is aired on Croatian state television.

Her appearance left quite an impression on Tomislav Klauški (Tomislav Klauski), Slobodna Dalmacija media columnist. He wrote an article dedicated to “Aleks” and her attempts to become new top journalist on Croatian state television. Few articles in Croatian media recently fitted the definition of “hatchet job” like this one. Klauški called her “non-journalist” and hinted that she was going to get television job thanks to Damir Matković (Damir Matkovic), television executive and “well-known promoter of many ambitious female journalists”. Her appearance in Latinica was described as “speaking long sentences and telling next to nothing” and Klauški also mentioned lustful gazes of Ljubo Ćesić-Rojs (Ljubo Cesic-Rojs) and Ante Prkačin (Ante Prkacin) – two men who also appeared in the show and were obviously intrigued by her looks.

This savage attack on Kolarić is nothing new. Her meteoric rise to the top government job probably created many enemies among Croatian media, mostly because of plain old envy. The way she handled fellow journalist while working for Račan (Racan) might have also contributed to such enmity (and vicious rumours about her being pregnant with Račan’s child, usually spread by right-wing circles). Now, when she can’t expect protection from the top, any attempt to get some kind of spotlight is going to trigger outbursts of journalistic venom.


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