Wednesday, July 16, 2003

People That May Convert You Into Dubya Apologist

Readers of this blog probably have some idea that I’m critical of George W. Bush and his policies. But there are some situations in which you are simply forced to defend Dubya. One of those is column in yesterday’s Slobodna Dalmacija written by Miro Kučić (Miro Kucic). In that article Kučič, who had already used epithets like “Adolf Bush” in his previous writings, pours acid on American policies and Bush, whom he calls “the worst thing that happened to the world since 1939”.

Having opinions, even strong opinions, about world leaders and their policies is one thing. But Kučić goes even further and in this particular article accuses Bush not only of “murdering poor Africans” but also by “humiliating them during that murder”. Kučić claims that Bush proposed mere 15 million US$ for combating AIDS in Africa. Bush actually proposed 15 billion US$ but Kučić obviously missed that fact or didn’t bother to check the difference between “million” and “billion”.


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