Thursday, August 28, 2003

Barbir Is Back?

What a difference a week might make. Less than a week after being forced to resign from the post of Croatian drug czar, Ante Barbir had criminal charges against him dropped. And now the media speculations are putting Barbir back to his old post. Some claim that Barbir lost taste for politics and doesn't have a stomach for such quick comeback. His chief ally, former nun and anti-drug activist Bernardica Juretić (Bernardica Juretic), is most likely replacement.

In the meantime, two other players in the whole corruption business aren't so lucky. Mario Puljiz, leader of HELP, and Vedran Mardešić (Vedran Mardesic), City Of Split anti-drug official, haven't got charges against them dropped. Since they are minor league players on local level and since their downfall won't affect balance of power within Račan's (Racan's) coalition, they are most likely to be the fall guys.


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