Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Inconvenience, Not A Tragedy… So Far

If you notice increasing amounts of cynicism, misanthropy or plain old grunginess in my posts, the most likely explanation is in hundreds of E-mails, all with SoBig virus attached, being delivered to my inbox. As a result, I'm forced to spend a lot of time cleaning my machine and wondering whether one of those E-mails is going to wreck my equipment. However, my on-line and other computer activities are more affected by sun, sea and other things associated with summer than by viruses.

So, to paraphrase Michael Bloomberg, this is inconvenience rather than tragedy. But I'm not sure if that would be the case if I stumble on the "person" or "persons" responsible for the creation of things like Klez, So Big etc. Consequences of such encounter might very easily be within jurisdiction of Hague Tribunal.


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