Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Tears For Bajaga

As readers of this blog already know, Serbian rock-musician Momčilo "Bajaga" Bajagić (Momcilo "Bajaga" Bajagic), confronted with the local Croatian nationalists, caved in and decided to postpone his concert in Split. Decision was due to concert being held in the same time as HDZ promotional concert by Dino Dvornik some 200 meters away. Bajaga wanted to evade any kind of tensions, but his caving in probably encouraged more chauvinistic citizens of Split. On Monday night they attacked concert goers with a tear gas – method which is not exactly new; in 2002 it was used by skinheads against Zagreb Gay Pride parade and few days ago it was used in San Remo dance club in nearby city of Sinj. The last attack was reportedly unprovoked and without any ethnic or political dimension – it seems that the attackers wanted simply to test their ability to produce tear gas and what effects it would have on people (in case of Sinj, some 12 people, mostly teenagers, were briefly hospitalised).

Last night the concert, which began at 23:00 was attacked twice – at 23:30 and after midnight. First time wind and concert goers' desire to defy hooligans allowed Bajaga to continue, but second time police intervened and stopped the concert. There are reports of arrests and Split-Dalmatian Police District is supposed to hold press conference at this very minute.


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