Thursday, August 07, 2003

Total Recall, After All

So, Arnold decided to join the fray. This was big surprise, since most people viewed the talk about his gubernatorial campaign as nothing more than free publicity for Terminator 3. There was wide speculation of Arnold being halted by his wife or by Republican machine, not happy with his moderate views.

Yet, Schwarzenegger is in the fray. I must say that I hoped that it would be like this. Although I like Schwarzenegger's films, I'm quite aware that his career of action movie superstar was going nowhere, at least judging by some of the latest titles. Schwarzenegger always gave impression of being something more than a mountain of muscles, and now has a chance to prove it.

Furthermore, his eventual victory could lead the way for changes in US Constitution and thus allow immigrants to vie for the White House just like any other Americans.


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