Friday, August 01, 2003

Nova TV's Golden Girl

Imagine Britney Spears as the anchor for Fox News. Something like that might very well await Croatian viewers. According to some media reports, Anja Alavanja, one of the contestants at Story Supernova reality show, is supposed to co-anchor news at Nova TV, struggling Croatian TV station which is the subject of interest for Murdoch's Newscorp.

Whatever the motives of Nova TV, I doubt that most of male audience would complain if this scheme becomes reality. I haven't watched much of Story Supernova and I didn't have time to pick my own favourites to victory. Closest to that was Anja Alavanja, and solely based on her looks, which make her Croatian equivalent of Britney Spears. Alavanja currently co-hosts Story Supernova talents show on Nova TV, job she got together with Dorijan Elezović (Dorijan Elezovic), another Story Supernova contestant.

However, it would be unfair to treat Anja Alavanja's news anchor job as a desperate marketing ploy or exploitation of airhead bimbo. Anja Alavanja entered Story Supernova while studying journalism at the university, so if she becomes news anchor, she wouldn't be complete amateur.

Let's hope that Alavanja's news career would resemble the one portrayed in Up Close & Personal rather than the one portrayed in Almost Golden.


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