Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Marie Trintignant In Coma

Marie Trintignant, French actress and daughter of famous Jean-Louis Trintignant, is in coma, apparently as a result of alcohol-induced assault by her boyfriend Bertrand Cantat, one of France's most popular rock stars. Until reaching headlines because of this particular incident, Cantat was known for his leftist views and political activism, especially during 2002 presidential elections, when he campaigned against Jean-Marie le Pen.

Cantat's noble political ideals couldn't prevent him to succumbing to women beating and alcohol abuse – two forms of social pathology usually associated with conservative, redneck types of men.

I saw Marie Trintignant only in one film – The Prince of the Pacific by Alain Corneau. She left very good impression there. I hope that she'll make it through this, although the chances for that are very slim.


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