Friday, July 25, 2003

When People Like Star Trek Too Much

Two helicopters, six patrol boats, at least half a day of frantic search and roughly 70,000 US$ of additional bill for Croatian taxpayers – all that because one joker had strange way of expressing his love for Star Trek. Obviously inspired by Star Trek: Next Generation, which is currently being aired on Croatian television, he called Croatian maritime authorities few nights ago, claiming to belong to the crew of American yacht Enterprise and requesting urgent assistance – according to him, yacht caught fire and lives of twelve people, including six children, were in jeopardy. The search, conducted in waters northwest of island of Žirje (Zirje) yielded no result and additional checks showed no data about any yacht called Enterprise. There is a official consensus about this whole affair being bad joke, but few believe that the joker would ever be brought to answer for his irresponsible and dangerous action.


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