Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Life Imitating Art Again

Marin Tironi’s transfer from Nova TV to HRT isn’t the only television scandal in Croatia these days. Few months ago, Croatian public was entertained by the one created by Siniša Cmrk (Sinisa Crmk), host of the immensely popular Turbo Limač (Turbo Limac) children’s show. While shooting one of the shows, Cmrk became angry at his assistant Marjeta Jelenković (Marjeta Jelenkovic) and started beating her in front of dozens of witnesses, most of them children. Soon afterwards Crmk got confronted by his victim while being interviewed at Nedjeljom u 2 talk show. Although two of them shook hands and although Crmk apologised, Jelenković later announced that she would ask for legal action. But it took few months for this scandal to cause some official reaction at HRT. Only short while ago Croatian public got informed about Turbo Limač Show cancellation. HRT officials explained the move with the show’s poor ratings, thus allowing Crmk to spin this story and announce new project for HRT.

In the meantime, Death to Smoochy arrived to Croatian video stores, and few critics failed to compare Crmk with some of the characters in that movie.


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