Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Cucumber Season In Split

Cucumber season – time of year when most of important people go to holiday, thus depriving media of interesting stories – affected Adriatic TV, local TV station from Split, in a very weird way. Since Croatian laws oblige local and national media to fill their air time with content produced in Croatia, that represents a problem in a time when nothing happens in Croatia and nobody is available for the regular programmes like talk shows, game shows etc. Adriatic TV got around this by sending its crew every morning on the streets of Split. They wander around centre of town and shoot whatever and whoever they fancy and two hours later this material – raw and unedited – is put on air. This approach, more suited for avant-garde documentary filmmakers than local TV stations, may have weird side effects on citizens of Split.

Many inhabitans of our fair city probably share the desire to be famous with the rest of the world. If the word about ATV activities spreads, I think that some intrepid souls would start waking up early in the morning and start wandering in the city centre at 7:00 in hope of being caught by ATV cameras.


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