Wednesday, September 24, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] So Tiny…

Sabor began its last session today with a question hour that degenerated into shouting match between HDZ and MSes belonging to Račan's (Racan's) coalition. The "debate" started thanks to Marin Jurjević (Marin Jurjevic), SDP MS who asked government to tell him about alleged wiretappings of HDZ – a more than subtle attempt to ridicule Sanader and his claims.

It was also opportunity for HDZ to present some evidence or at least make some of the charges more specific. Sanader so far told about "credible information" provided by "member of another opposition party" and "friend of a friend who works in intelligence circles".

Sanader's chief ally and Tudjman-era "hawk" Vladimir Šeks (Vladimir Seks) was more specific. He announced that HDZ had discovered listening devices in the offices belonging to that party's caucus. When asked to show those devices, Šeks said that the "device was so tiny that it disintegrated upon removal".

To say that all those "explanations" put HDZ claims in question would be an understatement. I really don't know what they are trying to do. Either they have some Watergate-style "smoking gun" under their sleeve, or they are attempting damage control following Sanader's careless statements. In any case, current HDZ leadership is starting to look ridiculous and some of that is going to rub even among their supporters.


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