Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Real Bugging Scandal

While HDZ still fails to provide credible evidence of illegal wiretapping of its premises, other people in Croatia are more successful in discovering such illegal practices and putting those responsible behind bars, at least temporary. Miroslav Dorešić (Miroslav Doresic), former deputy minister of education and sport, was recently arrested and charged for illegal wiretapping. The victim was Sunčica Findak (Suncica Findak), Croatian state television reporter and Dorešić's ex-girlfriend. In last month or so Dorešić subjected Findak to threats, blackmail, wiretapping and various privacy violations, which all escalated in intimate pictures of Ms. Findak being published in one of Croatian newspapers.

In some other times this scandal would become the media story of the year, but in 2003 it is most likely to be drowned in the flood of presumably more saucier stories released during election campaign.


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