Friday, September 26, 2003

Ruined Historic Event

Yesterday was important day in Croatian history. For the first time (according to my knowledge) two weblog writers met on Croatian soil in person. Geoff Goodfellow visited city of Split during his stay in Croatia, so it was good opportunity to have few drinks and exchange blogging experiences. This meeting coincided with Split Film Festival, so I thought that it would be good thing for Geoff, who also expressed some interest in cinema, to accompany me during few screenings.

That proved to be huge mistake. To say that the Festival was poorly organised would be an understatement. There was discrepancy between the programme published in daily newspaper and what was really shown in three of Split's cinema theatres. Then it turned out that one of the screening rooms didn't have enough seats nor any ventilation. Then it turned out that one of the films wasn't subtitled/dubbed in Croatian (or English, for that matter)…

So, what was supposed to be great historic event turned into major fiasco. I wonder what Geoff would write about the whole experience. He made few suggestions what I should write about Festival, but I think that more sensitive readers of this blog won't appreciate the exact wording.


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