Tuesday, September 02, 2003

With Endorsement Like This…

In its latest issue Feral Tribune published an article detailing Wesley Clark and his possible bid for US Presidency. They painted Clark in most positive light, barely stopping short of open endorsement.

This is somewhat strange coming from the weekly which used to be only major Croatian media outlet being critical of US bombing of Serbia in 1999. Then again, Feral has different priorities these days – bashing George W. Bush and anything associated with his foreign policy. Since Wesley Clark happened to criticise Bush's conduct in Iraq, he earned a lot of Feral's sympathies. And there is even some Realpolitik thrown for good measure – Feral sees Howard Dean as "too leftist", and therefore "unelectable". Clark, as Vietnam veteran, intellectual and successful overthrower of Milošević (Milosevic) has better chance of throwing Dubya out of White House. And that, in essence, is the aim that justifies all means – even putting in White House man who had quarrelled with Clinton demanding even more intense bombing of Serbia – the very policy Feral had criticised as war crime.

Of course, the article fails to mention that famous Priština (Pristina) airport incident and what would happen if someone willing to start WW3 over worthless airstrip takes hold of American nuclear arsenal.


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