Saturday, August 30, 2003

Hollywood Injustice In The Making

Few days ago I watched Feardotcom on DVD. I don't think I should bother the blog readers with the movie itself – giant waste of otherwise interesting horror premise ("borrowed" from Japanese Ringu, later adapted as Ring in Hollywood). The thing that caught my attention was one of many examples of injustice in modern Hollywood.

Namely, the best and the most demanding acting job in this movie was conducted by an artist who is not likely to receive proper credit for it – not on the titles and not in her subsequent career. If you watch the film and later listen to William Malone's audio-commentary, you'll notice that among all the performers of Feardotcom the hardest, most unpleasant and most demanding task was conducted by Isabelle Van Waes, young Flemish actress. She appears in the film disrobed, she is forced to act her brains out and, finally, if we are to believe Malone, all her nude and semi-nude scenes were done in some cold French factory, where all other crew members enjoyed the benefit of having coats.

Van Waes' efforts aren't likely to be rewarded by future on-screen career, at least not in Hollywood. First of all, she is Flemish, and that would put off Hollywood casting agents. Second, she appeared nude, and that translates into "cheap" (unless the actress already had some significant career). Finally, Feardotcom tanked at the box-office.

However, Natasha McElhone and Stephen Rea, which sleepwalked through their roles in Feardotcom, don't have to worry about their careers.


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