Monday, October 06, 2003

Bad Europeans

Ljubomir Čučić (Ljubomir Cucic), former Croatian ambassador to Belgium and former general secretary of Croatian European Movement, has been arrested while entering Croatia with his 3-year old daughter. Čučić, one of Croatia's most respected diplomats, who used to embody everything average Croatian snob thinks of Europe, became tabloid fodder after nasty revelations coming from his wife Magali Boers-Čučić (Magali Boers-Cucic). In short, Čučić was wife-beater and the scandal resulted in his removal from European Movement leadership, as well as his daughters being put in his wife's custody. Čučić failed to obey the administrative order and there was great concern for the little girl's well-being. Soon after the arrest the daughter was brought to Mrs. Boers-Čučić and her husband released from police custody soon afterwards.


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