Sunday, October 05, 2003

Napoleon (2002)

I watched first part of Napoleon, French mini-series with Christian Clavier in title role. So far I'm not particularly impressed nor particularly disappointed – except, perhaps, in John Malkovich being not particularly convincing Talleyrand due to poor French dubbing. But when it comes to accuracy, Napoleon beats most of Hollywood's efforts by wide margin. The only source of controversy is perhaps the choices authors had to made – even the mini-series longer than Napoleon's 6 hours could hardly do the justice to one of the most remarkable historical personalities. Yet, I still think that they could secure at least couple of shots or lines of dialogue describing Ulm 1805 – Napoleon's greatest military victory. Then again, that victory is mostly ignored in history books (and movies) because it was won with hardly any shot being fired.

I just hope that they would bother to show Leipzig – Napoleon's worst defeat (also utterly ignored) – in the second part.


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