Sunday, October 12, 2003

Dead Men's Poll

Today in Nedjeljom u 2, Croatian state television talk show, host Aleksandar Stanković (Aleksandar Stankovic) presented one question to be answered by viewers via phone poll – "Who is more important historical personality, Tudjman or Tito?".

Tito beating his pupil by 66 % was hardly unexpected result, because Latinica, another Croatian state television talk show, issued the same question and got same result few years ago. Croatian right-wingers and Tudjman worshippers are going to be upset with this nevertheless. Despite Tito's followers having their numbers diminished through biology, Tudjman's followers still didn't manage to create majority among pensioners – the demography most likely to waste their time on such phone polls. Since pensioners tend to be the most likely pool of voters, this phone poll would be something quite comforting to Račan (Racan) who had mostly bad news in polls last week.


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