Wednesday, October 08, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Heating Up

Opinion polls conducted by IRI poll are generally more reliable than phone surveys conducted by Croatian weekly magazines. The latest one, published today, would make Sanader very happy, because right-wing parties enjoy bigger support than according to Nacional and Globus surveys.

According to this one, conducted by professional pollsters on 4000 voters sample, HDZ can expect 28 % (5 % more than during the last such survey few months ago), SDP can expect 18 % (+2%), HSS 11 % (+2 %), HSLS-DC 9 %, HNS 8 % (-1 %) and HSP 5%.

The more interesting (and more troubling for current government) thing about this poll is possibility of big turnout – 75 % of the surveyed announced that they would vote. Number of undecided has dropped from 22% to 9 %.

The only political party to comment on this results is HSS, whose chairman (and Sabor speaker) Zlatko Tomčić (Zlatko Tomcic) expressed satisfaction. Tomčić claims that his party would win seats in all of 10 electoral districts.


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