Tuesday, October 28, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Sore Losers

Ratko Maček, HDZ spokeperson, issued official press release, claiming that Sunday's Nedjeljom u 2 phone poll – in which 60% of voters had been against right wing – had been rigged.

HRT answered to those accusation claiming that the phone poll was handled by Hrvatski Telekom, Croatian telecommunication company, and that HRT hadn't got any influence over the poll results.

HDZ anger is, on the other hand, quite understandable. Most of the polls predicting HDZ victory were published in newspapers. This isn't enough to create widespread belief in inevitability of HDZ victory. Most Croatian voters don't read newspapers or magazines. For them HRT is the only source of information, and the only opinion poll they will pay attention to is the one HDZ lost.


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