Friday, November 21, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Violence Continues

Campaign was exhausting for many, but it was unpleasant for some.

Few days ago, activist of SRP (Socialist Workers Party), small ultra-leftist outfit led by former and unreformed Communist ideologist Stipe Šuvar (Stipe Suvar), was attacked and stabbed with a screwdriver in city of Sisak while putting posters on the walls.

Candidate of BV-Treci blok, another small ultra-leftist outfit, led by former MS Vladimir Bebić (Vladimir Bebic), had his house torched in city in Sinj.

Denis Kuljiš (Denis Kuljis), former editor of Globus, was beaten by two attackers last night.

In the meantime, HSS chairman Zlatko Tomčić (Zlatko Tomcic) said that he had received letters threatening his and life of his family if HSS doesn't make coalition with HDZ after elections.

Considering huge possibility of tight and inconclusive result, weeks of haggling and electoral passion being inflated afterwards, I guess that post-election times in Croatia is going to be more violent than today.


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