Saturday, November 08, 2003

Four Tickets of Bad Taste

The most popular films in Split theatres between September 19th and October 26th 2003 (data published in Hollywood magazine, number of tickets sold in brackets):

1) American Pie: The Wedding (7065)
2) Pirates of the Caribbean (7061)
3) League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen (1940)
4) Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life (1557)
5) Bad Boys 2 (1257)
6) Hulk (1179)
7) The Identity (889)
8) Legally Blonde 2 (603)
9) Pinocchio (550)
10) Down with Love (492)

Only four tickets separated this town from big embarrassment. If four good citizens had somewhat better taste, Pirates of the Caribbean could have been the most popular film.

On the other hand, one non-US film (Pinnocchio) slipped into Top 10, although I don't think that it should be much comfort to those who had seen it.


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