Monday, December 01, 2003

Not According To Script

The script for the creation of new Croatian government is not going to be followed by HSS. Zlatko Tomčić (Zlatko Tomcic) announced that he is against forming coalition with HDZ, but that he would urge HSS MSes to vote for it in Sabor and support it. Tomčić apparently came to this decision afraid of HSS being split, because many of rank-and-file and local bosses were dead set against the coalition and threatened to defect. Many HSS bosses are afraid for local and regional coalitions in which their party is enjoying comfortable symbiosis with "left centre" parties. Most are terrified with the prospect of HSS becoming nothing more than satellite party of HDZ and being blasted out of Sabor on the next elections, just as HSLS and DC did.

So, Tomčić is forced to remain in opposition. Whole concept of "supporting Sanader without coalition" is just a face-saving measure because Tomčić fears that some of Sanader's European cheerleaders would accuse him of sabotaging creation of "centre-right" government and forcing Sanader to make coalition with "unacceptable" HSP.


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