Monday, December 22, 2003

Playing Democracy

Neda Arnerić (Neda Arneric), former Yugoslav (now Serbian) actress known, among other things, for her steamy sex scenes with Richard Roundtree in Shaft in Africa, was elected to Serbian Parliament in 2000 on the ticket of DS, party of slain prime minister Zoran Đinđić (Zoran Djindjic). She has found herself in the middle of scandal showing how seriously democracy is taken in countries of Southeast Europe. While Serbian Parliament was electing Kora Udovički (Kora Udovicki) for the post director of Serbian central bank, only one vote decided the whole matter, because government supporters have troubles in having the number of MPs legally mandated necessary for such appointments. It was Neda Arnerić's (Neda Arneric's) vote that had settled the matter, but Serbian media later reported that Arnerić had been vacationing in Turkey during the vote. So, the story goes that someone has misused Ms. Arnerić's voting cards. While scandal continues to erupt, Democratic Party denies reports of Ms. Arnerić's resignation.


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