Tuesday, January 20, 2004

My Take on Iowa Caucuses

I don't have much time to follow or to blog about US Presidential race. So, Iowa caucus and its immediate aftermath was the first instance when I actually paid some attention to Democratic candidates.

I must say that I'm slightly surprised (and somewhat disappointed) by the results. I expected much closer results between four major candidates and I was rooting for Dean. This result also improves chances of Wesley Clark, the only Democratic candidate whose nomination would make me vote for Bush (in case I miraculously get opportunity and will to participate in the whole process).

On the other hand, victory of Kerry and Edwards hurts Clark as much as it hurts Dean. Clark draws much of his support from "anybody but Dean" crowd and "it takes Southerner to beat Southerner" crowd. After Iowa both groups would get their new champions. If Kerry pushes on 2nd place in New Hampshire, Clark would become history.

I must also admit that Dean's post-election speech was weird. In case Dean wins in November, White House is going to be less dull place than it is today. Compared with Kerry (and, to a lesser degree, Clark), Dean has much more spirit and charisma.

John Edwards didn't win me over. He looks too much like a Hollywood star or self-help guru.


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