Saturday, January 03, 2004

New Year, New Government and New Rules

In good old times television studios of former Yugoslavia considered New Year's Eve to be the ultimate highlight of their respective programs. That time slot was reserved for the most spectacular shows, most popular performers and viewers were supposed to see things denied to them in other 364 days of a year – parody version of popular shows or even news program; best Hollywood blockbusters etc.

Croatian state television is continuing (or, to be more precise, trying to continue) this noble tradition, regardless of the fact that its viewers have somewhat bigger choice of things to watch thanks to satellite dishes, cable operators, VCRs and DVD players. Those few brave souls who had given HRT a chance this year have regretted their decision – New Year's Eve program was bad even for Croatian state television's standards. Damir Matković (Damir Matkovic), chief editor of Entertainment/Sport Program and Aleksandar Kostadinov, editor of Entertainment Program, have resigned.

Jutarnji list, however, reports that the most problematic aspect of the program happened to be comedy show featuring two actors trying to impersonate President Stipe Mesić (Stipe Mesic) and late President Franjo Tudjman. Supporters of the latter were apparently offended and after the last elections their word counts more than it used to.


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