Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Abortion Horror Film Update

According to Otvoreni Radio, Dragan Primorac, minister of science, education and sport in Ivo Sanader's cabinet expressed outrage over the abortion documentary being shown to the students in one of Zagreb's high school. After watching the Silent Scream himself, Primorac, physician by profession, said that he had never seen such graphic displays of surgical procedures during his years in medical school. He also said that he would talk to Nevenka Lončarić (Nevenka Loncaric), religious education advisor within his ministry. Ms. Lončarić has previously stated that she saw nothing wrong with the said documentary being shown to high school students.

Yesterday, SDP has officially sent open letter to minister Primorac, expressing outrage over the whole affair. Interestingly enough, Silent Scream became part of school curriculum while SDP used to be the government.


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