Friday, February 20, 2004

Story Supernova Strikes Again

A day after audition for Hrvatski Idol (Croatian version of American Idol), city of Split is going to host another audition for Story Supernova reality show. This time SSNMT is going to stand for Story Supernova Multi-Talents and contestants are going to show their skills in acting, modelling, news anchoring or simply being the entertaining person.

There are speculations that the new Story Supernova is going to serve as recruitment pool for Nova TV's upcoming projects, including soap opera.

By coincidence, this audition is happening shortly after public initiative for the founding of Drama School in Split. If this initiative bears some fruit, that would end the monopoly of Drama Arts Academy in Zagreb, institution whose antiquated and stage-oriented approach to new media resulted in terrible standards of acting in Croatian movies and television shows.


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