Thursday, February 05, 2004

More About Superbowl

Although I still think that a single nipple didn't really deserve such brouhaha (and sadly, this stunt would only give undeserved publicity to people responsible for it), I also sympathise with NFL officials and players whose Superbowl is going forever to be associated with this incident. I can sympathise because I had similar experiences.

Some years ago I used to write articles for certain magazine. This magazine, among other things, published huge posters of two men doing certain things to each other I prefer not to describe. It also published photo of certain performance artist using a cow as part of his act in a way I also prefer not to describe. (And when some brave soul in that magazine's editorial board suggested that naked woman be featured on front page, he was lambasted for being sexist pig.)

To say that I didn't like my articles appearing only few pages away from such content would be an understatement.

Lately, I've been commenting "Oscars" and other news for the movie-related show on local television. The show, among other things, regularly includes brief clips of (softcore) lesbian sex. I guess that this represents something of an improvement compared with the unpleasant situation described above.


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