Thursday, March 18, 2004

Using Intelligence

One of the major political developments in Croatia past week was the change at the head of POA, Croatian intelligence agency. Its director Franjo Turek was replaced by Joško Podbevšek (Josko Podbevsek), 34-year old intelligence operative who, according to official biography, became involved in intelligence business only four years ago. If that is true, that represent something of a positive development, because Podbevšek is uncompromised with any of the abuses Croatian intelligence services during Tudjman's era.

On the other hand, Ivo Pukanić (Ivo Pukanic) of Nacional isn't that happy with Turek's departure. In the latest issue he blamed it on the cabal made of President Stjepan Mesić (Stjepan Mesic), prime minister Ivo Sanader and chief ICTY prosecutor Carla del Ponte. According to Pukanić, Turek served as a scapegoat for Croatia's failure to deliver General Ante Gotovina, one of ICTY chief war suspects. Carla del Ponte was accusing Croatian intelligence services of helping Gotovina or at least showing complete lack of effort to track him down.


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