Thursday, March 11, 2004

Those Lovable Bomb Planters

Mind works in interesting ways. When I heard about today's carnage in Madrid, I remembered another sort of atrocity.

Jackal, Hollywood's 1997 remake of 1973 thriller classic The Day of the Jackal, apart from being awfully bad film, had some, at times, interesting approach to world's problems. The only major Hollywood production ever to mention ETA presents this organisation in the form of lovable freedom fighter and Good Guys' ally, played by charming Mathilda May.

Yes, the movie was made long time before 9-11 and Hollywood screenwriters and producers still had romantic notions about European terrorism, utterly convinced that things like terrorism happen only to those who deserve it and that such things could never become reality in good old USA.

I just hope that someone would remember this film and that people responsible for it would get at least a tiniest bit of reaction Mel Gibson got for Passion.


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