Friday, March 05, 2004

New Hopes

I watched the first instalment of Story Supernova Multi Talents. The basic idea is similar to Story Supernova Music Talents, but the difference is in the show trying to discover new talents in areas different than music. Only two areas I have noticed are modelling and acting. The jury is composed of professional actors Zihah Sokolović (Zijah Sokolovic) and Željko Koenigsknecht (Zeljko Koenigsknecht) together with young and popular TV show host Anja Alavanja.

During the episode I didn't pay much attention to modelling candidate. I was more interested in aspiring actors, hoping that this show might in some weird way result in better on-screen acting than the one provided by hacks coming out of Zagreb Drama Academy. At the end, my hopes were dashed. Most of the candidates were young, inexperienced and unable to improvise. Ironically, the best impression was given by a girl who had her entire act in English.

Even more telling were little acting sketches made by Alavanja and her colleague Dorijan Elezović (Dorijan Elezovic). They were designed to be badly acted, but, not so surprisingly, compared with most of the candidates Alavanja and Elezović look like Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando.


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