Monday, March 01, 2004

New Croatian Daily

It takes some courage to launch new daily newspaper in Croatia. The last such attempt, Republika was launched by Ivo Pukanić (Ivo Pukanic) in late 2000 and quickly extinguished running out of stories in the same league as its first issue bombshell.

Ninoslav Pavić of Europapress Holding, Pukanić's arch-rival (whose brief police detention was the Republika's bombshell) perhaps didn't have courage, but he had vision instead. Dnevnik, new daily newspaper to hit kiosks in Croatia, is devised as "business-oriented" and directed to small but important readership.

I read the first issue today and I must say that I'm not particularly impressed nor particularly disappointed. The newspaper is significantly different than its sister publication Jutarnji list – there isn't any crime nor showbusiness news, very few politics and even less culture. On the other hand, there are plenty of interesting stories about Croatian economy and economies of Croatia's neighbours.

I'll try few more issues of Dnevnik before some kind of pattern, whether positive or negative, emerges.


Thanks to Zec, I also found link for on-line edition.


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