Monday, March 01, 2004

Bored of the Rings?

Bored? Not really. I think that Lord of the Rings trilogy represents remarkable achievement of moviemaking and one of the most important chapters in future movie textbooks. The movie deserved most of the praise and accolades.

I simply don't think that its Oscar sweep would do much to its reputation. It would only create backlash due to snobbery and Hollywood politics. Instead of being hailed as important work of art, it would be seen as "just another undeserving Oscar winner".

Perhaps the movie (and trilogy as a whole) deserved Oscar, but 11 categories was a little bit too much. Especially in the music department. I noticed at least two charming little songs – Belleville Rendevous and that loving rendition of Kiss at the End of Rainbow – that deserved Oscar more than Annie Lennox's boring elegy.


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