Thursday, February 26, 2004

Death of Macedonian President

Boris Trajkovski, president of former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, has apparently died in a plane crash. The executive jet carrying Macedonian president has crashed on Hrgud, mountain near Herzegovinian city of Stolac. Trajkovski was travelling to international investment conference in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. His plane disappeared from radar screens at 8:00 this morning and it is feared that Trajkovski died with 9 of his associates and crew members.

Trajkovski, Protestant clergyman often viewed as one of the most pro-American politicians in the region, has been elected in widely controversial presidential elections in which ethnic Albanians almost unanimously supported him while leftist opposition suffered because of Slav Macedonian vote.

Trajkovski's death, if confirmed, won't be the first such case in the area. In 1970s mountains of Bosnia claimed the plane carrying Džemal Bijedić (Dzemal Bijedic), federal prime minister of former Yugoslavia. In 1996 mountains in nearby Dubrovnik, Croatia were responsible for the crash that killed American commerce secretary Ron Brown. Both incidents created a whole set of conspiracy theories and I don't doubt that the same would happen with today's event.


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