Thursday, March 04, 2004

New Indictments

According to Jutarnji list, new ICTY indictments were delivered to Croatian government one week ago. Two Croatian generals – Mladen Markač (Mladen Markac), former commander of Croatian police Special Forces and Ivan Čermak (Ivan Cermak), former commandant of Knin area after liberation – are allegedly indicted for atrocities against ethnic Serb civilians during and after 1995 offensive that drove Serb rebel forces out of areas known as "Krajina".

It is widely expected that the whole process would go much more smoothly than in the case of General Gotovina. While Čermak had co-operated with ICTY investigators before, Markač is expected to turn himself in to ICTY authorities, thus allowing Sanader's government to lobby for his and Čermak's conditional release during the course of trial.


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