Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Book Lovers

Instances when Croatian daily newspapers make news by themselves are quite rare. Jutarnji list did just that yesterday by offering free copy of Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose together with its last issue.

The results of this promotional actions were spectacular. Newspaper, which is normally available until evening hours, has vanished from newsstands in the earliest hours of morning. There were even reports of fistfights between those who wanted to buy the last copy on the newsstand.

Of course, all that doesn't mean that hundreds of thousands of Croatians suddenly became intellectuals nor are they fans of Umberto Eco's literary work. The mere fact of rather expensive and luxury item being offered for free was enough to arouse primal instincts of greed.

One year from now you would be able to ask wide majority of Jutarnji list readers any question about of Umberto Eco's book and receive blank stares as the only response.


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