Saturday, April 17, 2004

Bin Laden's Tape

As expected, offer of truce on the tape allegedly made by Osama Bin Laden has brought nothing by scorn by all of relevant European politicians. Some optimists, like Instapundit, view this Bin Laden's initiative as failure.

I don't think such optimism is grounded in reality. Bin Laden's tape was actually nothing short of excellent diplomatic coup. By offering truce, Bin Laden presented himself as someone resembling serious "proper" politician and his terrorist campaign became something other than fundamentalist lunacy.

Between the lines, most Europeans would see this initiative as a proof that Bin Laden is shrewd, reasonable and intelligent man with a Plan. Something that Bush definitely is not.

His tape is going to sound comforting to Europeans, just like the proofs of Islamist participation in Madrid bombing were comforting in their own way. In both cases Europeans feel more secure by facing an enemy with a clear agenda. Europe finally has some clue how to avoid terrorist atrocities – by turning its back on America and Bush. This is the easy way out, adopted by Spanish voters and seriously contemplated by most of European governments.

Only few weeks ago people were ridiculing Mo Mowlam for suggesting negotiations between Bin Laden and US government. They aren't going to ridicule her now. She only expressed something most of Europeans think but dare not speak, including all those European dignitaries lambasting Bin Laden's tape.


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