Thursday, April 01, 2004

New Talk Show in Split

Split lacks lot of things, but television market isn't one of them. The airwaves over city are covered by the signals of three local TV stations – TV Jadran (former Adriatic TV), STV and TV Dalmacija. All three of them are fighting hard for the audience and all three of them have increased efforts to get new viewers with the variety of programs.

Some of those programs are original while some represent copies or localised versions of the stuff you can see on national TV.

TV Dalmacija has started new talk show called Slobodna Informacija. The host is Saša Ljubičić (Sasa Ljubicic), left-wing columnist of Slobodna Dalmacija. His first guest tonight was former mayor Ivica Škarić (Ivica Skaric). Ljubičić, in an obvious effort to outshine Aleksandar Stanković (Aleksandar Stankovic) and HRT show Nedjeljom u 2, treated his guest very rough, reminding everyone of the glorious past and miserable present of Škarić's party HSLS. Škarić, however, held his ground very well, never allowing himself to be provoked. He answered Ljubičić's questions with dignity and grace and almost managed to give impression that he had nothing to do with the sorry state of Croatia's second largest city.

The only moment when Škarić wasn't convincing was his lame attempt to justify the easiness with which new right-wing government delivers Croatian generals to ICTY. Škarić, who used to take part in anti-ICTY demonstrations in 2001, did criticise Sanader, but never explained why there weren't any protests in 2004.


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